Did you know these facts about Jodhpur?


Jodhpur, the second largest city, is situated in the plump centre of Rajasthan. Set at the edge of the Thar Desert, this city has seen the footfall of thousands of tourists from all across the country and beyond. Famous bazaars, teeming tourist destinations, exotic gardens and impressive forts – Jodhpur is also the most populated city of the state. So bring to you some of the most interesting trivia about the city which still upholds the royal nostalgia.

The Blue City

The houses in the vicinity of the Mehrangarh Fort are blue colour and which, when seen from above gives a Blue City impression- hence its nickname.

The Sun City

The other nickname of Jodhpur is the Sun City which comes from the fact that it is blessed with bright sunny days almost on all the days of the year.

Rao Jodha

In 1459, Jodhpur was founded by a Rajput chief of the Rathode clan named Rao Jodha after whom the city was named.

State of Marwar

This is the place where the modern days Marwaris were settled as the city became an internal part of the state of Marwar. The term Marwaris is still applicable for a business-based community.

As the legend goes

Gazetteers of Jodhpur believe that the Abhiras or the Abhirs of Ramayana, the Hindu epic, were actually the inhabitants of Jodhpur.


Mawa ki kochori, mirchi vada, makhaniya lassi, dal bati churma, gatte ki sabzi, aate ka halwa, bajre ka sagra –  these mouth-watering dishes originated from Jodhpur.

The blue hue

Originally, the blue hue was used to paint the houses of the Brahmins and helped the rest of the society to distinguish them from the rest of the lot.


The Marwar festival and the Nagaur festival are the popular festivals of Jodhpur which highlight the spirit of fusion of Rajputanas and Mughals.