Sikandra Fort, Agra

Lakhisarai, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282007

Sikandra Fort

Sikandra Fort

The Sikandra Fort lies in the west  direction of the city of Sikandra. It was the last residing place of the great Mughal Emperor Akbar. It attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world on daily basis, firstly because it’s the home to Akbar’s tomb and secondly to witness the marvellous Mughal type of architecture.
Akbar himself chose to stay at the Sikandra Fort during his last years of his life. He planned the construction of his tomb and himself selected a suitable place where his tomb should be made. The Sikandra fort is the home to Akbar’s tomb. The tomb was later completed by his son Jahangir.
About Sikandra Fort
The Sikandra fort is built from red sandstones with marble interiors and décor. The fort has four gates which lead to the mausoleum complex, but presently only one gat is used as the entrance. The gateways have finely carved mosaic patterns designed on them with ornamental décor. The fort has a broad paved walkway, which has five storeys and is shaped in a form of a pyramid. The interiors of the fort and the tomb are done with precious coloured stones and beautiful glazed tiles are laid down on as the flooring. The Sikandra Fort is the perfect example of the astounding Mughal type of architecture which was prominent during Emperor Akbar’s time.
When planning Agra sightseeing, Sikandra Fort sightseeing is a must. The fort is open for visitors all seven days a week from morning till evening. When planning,  Agra sightseeing one can also plan Sikandra Fort sightseeing. One can opt for Agra Travel company tour packages for doing so or one can visit it on their own. The Sikandra Fort is well connected through public transport and be easily accessed by visitors.

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