Ashoka Pillar, Delhi

Ashoka Pillar, Kamla Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka Pillar

Delhi is certainly one of the most beautiful places of sight-seeing in India. It not only makes you travel into our history but also shows a blend of ancient as well as modern Delhi culture. This is the reason why Delhi attracts lakhs of tourists from all across the world. The rich culture of Delhi is what makes us fall in love with it. One such highlight of Delhi is the Ashoka’s Pillar.
Also known as the Iron Pillar of India, the Ashoka’s Pillar has a complex history as it is said that there were many Ashoka pillars in India during the reign of Maurya King Ashoka from Allahabad to Topra in Haryana. It is said that that many Ashoka pillars were built during the 3rd century. However, the patter of all Ashoka pillar remain the same all over the regions. At the top of the pillars were lions which were either seating or standing. Round in shape, there are four lions facing all the four directions i.e North, South, East and West.
The Ashoks pillar in Delhi is made of excellent quality iron which is highly resistant to corrosion. There was a fence created in the year 1997 around the pillar on account of the damaged caused to it by the tourists. The height of the pillar is 7.2 meters out of which 1.1 meters in under the ground weighing more than six tons.
Thus, Ashoka pillar adds to the rich history and culture of India. So the next time you visit Delhi for sight -seeing do not forget to visit the Iron Pillar of Delhi. Most of the travel companies of Delhi, make their tourists visit the Ashoka pillar to experience strength of the pillar and the skill of the ancient black smiths who were responsible for their artistic work and also making a non-corrosive structure.

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