Lotus Temple, Delhi

Lotus Temple Rd, Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

Lotus temple, seen from the outside, has three sets of leaves or petals, which are all made of thin concrete slabs. All nine outermost petals are open and form the new outer ring entries from all over the hallway.
The next set of nine petals that are called "outer leaves" partially closed. Only the ends open, something addressed as a partially opened cocoon inside, together cover the entrance and the outer sheets to the external corridor. The third group called as nine petals music. This part, which rises above the rest, is the main structure housing the main hall.
When you visit lotus temple, you can see at the top where the leaves provide nine radial beams lateral support are separately required. Because the Lotus is open at the top, a glass and steel roof on the radial rays protects against rain and facilitates the entry of natural light in the auditorium. The radial beams, which are described as the inner leaves go up into the building and provide support in the middle. 
The tour of Delhi cannot be completed unless and until you visit the Lotus Temple here. The place receives a large number of tourists. The beautiful architecture of the place is something that looks great from outside as well as inside.  Don't forget to click as many pictures of this beautiful marvel as possible.
The resulting geometry of the temple was so complex that the designers took two and a half years to complete the detailed drawings of the temple. Lotus temple is one of the best Delhi Sightseeing place.

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