Maharaja Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

Hailey Lane, Off Hailey Road, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Maharaja Agrasen ki Baoli

Maharaja Agrasen ki Baoli

There is an interesting point about these particular historical monuments in Delhi sightseeing which is considered to be connected to the epic concern i.e. the age of Mahabharata. It is said, that the legendary king Agrasen built this spectacular monument and it was rebuilt by the Agarwals in the 14th century. Situated near Hailey Road, Connaught Place, in New Delhi, it’s an eye-catching architecture that one can hardly afford to miss. It’s a tranquil and worth place to visit for a tourist party.
For your information, the term ‘baoli’ stands for ‘step well’ as the structure of the stairs are on a downward slant from the ground.
What’s there in Maharaja Agrasen ki Baoli?
· The Baoli has 103 steps made of red stone and goes downward and it is one among the traditional style of ancient Delhi architecture. Visible portions of this historical monument consist of three levels and each of them is lined with arched fortes on both sides.
· It is a unique blend of architecture with an impressive design known to have existed centuries ago in the ancient India. The walls of the Baoli are decorated with inventive design of a series of arched structure.
· You can explore the bay and rooms from the three levels of the Baoli which were used as the rooms for retreat or worship.
Maharaja agresen ki Baoli had waters till recent times, but now it got dried up and you can easily see the bed of reservoir from the top, and the presence of various types of birds will certainly eradicate the tag of haunted house. Though, it takes a lot the more one goes down even deeper: the gurgling sound of pigeon, chattering of bats makes the place creepier when the sounds echo against the stone wall. The view is awfully magnificent when go down by the steps and the skyline disappears above your head.

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