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Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, The Water Palace is the most tranquil place in the middle of the chaotic Rajasthan. This beautiful ambiance, once upon a time, was the point of shooting for Maharajas: they used to come at the center of Sagar Lake. It was built by Maharaja Madho Singh. It was constructed out of pink sandstone and the awe-frigging symmetric geometrical pattern. A few years before, it was almost abandoned with the stinking water of the lake surrounds the palace, but the incredible effort of Rajasthan government had renovated and brought the glory back. The superimposition of light sand color of the walls and the deep blue water is a magnificent contrast; you have ever seen.
Apart from this, many majestic scenes over here, have made Jal Mahal camera-friendly although unfortunately visitors from the corners of the country have made it an exclusive restaurant.
Tourist Information
1. The Jal Mahal is located near Amer-Jaipur and 4 km to the north of Jaipur. In one visit of Jal Mahal, you can also cover Amer Fort which is equally attractive. 3 years ago, visitors had a glorious option of entertainment: Gondola, but it’s unfortunate, the had been stopped now.
2. Within half an hour you can cover up Jal Mahal tour in Jaipur, click countless photos etc. Outside the Jal Mahal, you’ve an attractive mini markets and exciting most awaited camel rides.

Whereabouts of Travel to Jal Mahal
You must avail the traditional rickshaw tour from Jaipur to Jal Mahal which costs around INR 50.00 or something like that. A one-day rickshaw will cover Jal Mahal, Amer Fort and Hanuman Temple costing you INR 500.00. For a splendid Jal Mahal tour, you can also take a bus from Jaipur.
Most of the visitors are not aware of the technological specialty of this palace. Do you know what’s this? Well, though it is a one storey building, it has four submerged levels and the stone walls are capable of holding back million liters of water and also prevent water outflow for a long time span.

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